Our Menu

Products And Produce

Little Ones Lunches supports our local Suppliers who maintain quality food products from Ontario’s finest producers. We only purchase nationally branded products and buy fresh local fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Our beef is from a local family owned operation and is supplied to us as per our specifications. Food standards in Ontario are among the highest in the world and your “little one” deserves the best.

Our Menu

Our menus are carefully designed to support Canada’s Food Guide and to promote healthy eating.

Our menu is a 4 week rotation. Hot meals are delivered and the temperature is taken to ensure it is holding a minimum of 60°C/140°F.  

For child care centers, a signed receipt is left on site for your files.

​Little Ones Lunches maintains a food sample of a minimum of 200 grams for a period of 10 days.  This meets Niagara Region Public Health’s standards and therefore child care programs are not required to take a sample.